OzzyTyres Profile and History

OzzyTyres has been withinside the wholesale enterprise due to the fact concept and is presently seeking out enterprise companions that want the maximum aggressive tyre fees withinside the neighbourhood marketplace.

That assures you to conquer your contemporary fee out of your incumbent issuer as we purchase domestically and assist manufacturers as nicely import each month with big volumes which means our fees are the fine from the get-go! Our Head office is primarily based totally in Hoxton Park New South Wales and we’re vendors of many residences keep names consisting of FORCUEUM’S TYRES.

They’ve inventory at any given time over 30,000 tires and we cater for all of your tire wishes for any length and make. OzzyTyres Wholesale Tyres has been servicing the tyre and Automotive enterprise due to the fact 1985, we’re usually seeking outright companions who can be dedicated to the tyre enterprise and needs amazing dating and high-quality service.

Launched around 30 years in the past to start with as a wholesale enterprise, OzzyTyres is an Aussie fulfilment story. One of the primary parallel importers into a.u, the corporation revolutionised the Australian marketplace through imparting current manufacturers at inexpensive fees. Around 1990 the enterprise ventured into retail, and director Hus Chahine joined his older siblings withinside the own circle of relatives enterprise set up through their father.

Starting out with the shipping drivers and becoming tyres, Chahine determined that stacks of tyres had been subsidized up withinside the warehouse. “It commenced to hassle me due to the fact we had all this product there and it wasn’t moving – now no longer on the price, it has to be.” So he has become a tyre salesperson. “I’d promote multiple hundred tyres according to today. I’d visit see perhaps 20-plus clients,” he said.

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Now OzzyTyres sells wheel and tyres packages, having commenced production wheels around 5 years in the past. “I created my very own emblem referred to as Hussla, which has to grow to be the most important wheel emblem withinside a.u .,” Chahine reports.

“The wheel enterprise is our essential differentiator, as compared to different businesses – and that’s the power of our wheel alloy innovation enterprise.

“When we entered the web space – which changed into additionally approximately 5 years in the past, we had been the primary ones to bundle up a hard and fast of wheels and tyres, and provide them online to a patron – we sincerely deliver the wheels with the tyres outfitted and balanced, furnished equipped to bolt directly onto the vehicle.”

Ozzy Tyres gives around three hundred contemporary varieties of wheels, in addition to exclusive hues and finishes, and over 1,000 exclusive tyres. “It’s approximately giving the patron alternatives and to match all budgets. We have the most important variety of wheels inside. a.u . and we deliver clients the varieties,” Chahine explains.

“Being revolutionary and liberating the modern-day designs, finishes and hues offer us the brink over the others due to the fact we’re innovating: we’re imparting new products – we’re quite lots putting the trends.”

In the beyond 12 months, this thrilling innovation has visible Ozzy Tyres undertaking into production its very own tyres. “We have a tyre referred to as Monsta – that is a four×four or a four-wheel power product, and it’s doing quite nicely.” This tyre has the consolation of a street tyre, that is quiet on the street however plays off-street – “it’s sincerely in no way been completed before,” Chahine says.

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The corporation is promoting it to 3 different countries: New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand in addition to assembling growing calls from different Australian tyre stores.

Getting social

The OzzyTyres catalogue has a print run in an extra of 100,000 catalogues which can be despatched to all tyre stores. As a wheel supplier, OzzyTyres has contracts with massive stores inclusive of Bob Jane and Beaurepairs which has over four hundred stores.

Retail makes up 30 according to cent to forty according to cent of the enterprise and plenty of the advertising is thru social media. They have over 230,000 fans and use social media a lot.

Another drawcard is shipping nationally to all retail in addition to wholesale clients. Assisting on this enterprise fulfilment currently has been zipMoney, as it gives hobby-loose finance to the purchaser so that you could make month-to-month bills as much as 21 months’ hobby loose.

“We’ve completed over $1 million really well worth in income withinside the beyond 5 months. They had been zipMoney’s biggest patron withinside the first 20 days that we had the product. We have simply driven it difficult thru social media, and our advertising; again, it’s simply imparting the patron price alternatives and liberating up his coins flow.”

OzzyTyres is aware of the marketplace nicely and has the electricity to decide its direction. “We are a corporation that takes points of pride in the goods and offerings we should provide. The competition is usually searching at what we’re doing so as to imitate us – whether or not or not it’s a product or advertising style. By the time they’ve copied us, we’ve already developed to every other style. Catch us in case you can! https://www.ozzytyres.com.au/

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