10 Steps Required to take good Passport Photo and Visa Photo

In order to have a good passport and visa photo, it is very important that you get your picture taken from passport photo experts. It is also very important to follow all the requirements of getting a good passport and visa photo.

Find out 10 steps required to take good passport photo and visa photo:

  1. Firstly, check out the requirements required for the passport size photo. For every country, there are different specifications of getting a photo.
  2. Check out the requirements for your clothing. It is better that you wear light coloured clothes as it is a kind of professional identification photo.
  3. For ladies, it is alright to wear makeup but it should not be that loud or overdone as that can then reject your visa.
  4. Stay 4 feet away from the camera and have a normal facial expression. Try that no shadows come on your face.
  5. If you are getting your picture taken by yourself, then upload it on the computer to check it out. Try using any software if it needs to match with the visa requirements.
  6. Keep a number of extra photographs with you so you can always use those photos to apply further for visas specially if you are travelling.
  7. Location of the pictures also matters. The Imaging Professionals, Walgreens and drugstores offer photo taking services and they will provide you with your photos in less than 5minutes!.
  8. If taking a photograph yourself, place a white background behind you and no selfies are allowed.
  9. Make use of software like Adobe or Photoshop if the picture you take does not match with the requirements.
  10. If you prefer to take the photo yourself using mobile phone, then, you may consider to use ThePhotoApp.This will save up your money as well as time. 
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These are the 10 steps required to take good passport photo

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